Are you looking for more from life?
Would you like to work less and earn more?
Do you know there must be a better way, but you can’t seem to find it?

Striving for goals like these can leave you feeling stressed and overwhelmed – knowing so much needs to be done to move your life forward, yet there is only one of you to get all of it done.

It happens to all of us at some point: You get excited just thinking about new beginnings and fresh opportunities to create change, only to realize in a couple of weeks or months that your never-ending “To-do List”, existing obligations, and your old habits have prevented you from moving forward – again.

How many times have you thought to yourself, “This is it! This is the year I am going to make all of my dreams come true,” only to see that enthusiasm fade, sabotaged by your usual routine and the demands of daily living?

Find a New Path to Wealth & Happiness

The Wealth Attraction™ Academy has developed a process you can follow that makes accomplishing all your goals a reality!

Founded in the Law of Attraction, this process will enable you to create a life by design – a life that opens opportunities to work less and create more money, empowering you to show up in the world as the best version of YOU every day.

We help individuals build wealth by launching businesses, showing them how to grow their businesses, and then invest their profits in ways that will create abundance in their life, while allowing them to enjoy life balance, including:

  • Building financial security,
  • Better quality relationships,
  • Improved health,
  • All while experiencing more happiness and joy.

It’s time to make your dreams a reality. Step into your power and say “Yes” to your new future!


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An influential leader is created rather than born. The common misconception that  a personality consistent with boldness and control is what makes a great leader has kept many qualified men and women from transitioning into a leadership position.  We have leaders occupying roles where inflated egos, pride and heavy handedness are the benchmarks of their leadership style.  However, statistics show that people who feel most secure in their positions are led by leaders who display humility and appreciation for the overall team.

True leadership is displayed when confidence in their team’s abilities is as strong as, or stronger, than their own ability. 

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I could either be a victim of my circumstance or I could make the decision to RISE above and fix my mindset on success. My perception of life changed.  I moved across the country and decided to put the knowledge I had gained in previous years to work.  Income started pouring in from various streams but even so, my life felt completely out of control.


Thought power became the key to creating my reality. I became the master of my destiny […]

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