Seek Out Exceptional People Like Your Mentor

As you choose to step into this new world of attracting wealth, it is imperative you surround yourself with the right people. You cannot possibly know everything about everything. To streamline your way to success, invest in your greatest asset – YOU – and hire the expertise of a coach or mentor who has done what you want to do. Hiring your mentor or coach requires a delicate relationship balance. You must be willing to learn from them, and they must be ready to guide you.

A mentor is someone you should trust

Free advice is precisely that: Free. It doesn’t cost you anything to hear it. Free advice requires nothing for someone to give it. It usually has little value. Therefore, you want to invest in a coach […]

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How do you generate more income?

Everyone making an income will fall into one of the four categories of earners. Each one is earning money, but which will build wealth? Which will be able to create the life they desire? Let’s look at how each of us fits into one of these categories:

Employee: This is the person that has a job and chooses to work for other people. They trade their time for money.
Self-employed: This person works for themselves – They make their schedule & dictate terms for earning an income. They own their jobs, and their role needs them to be successful. They find themselves stuck in the day-to-day operations of the business.
Business owners: This person is the visionary. Therefore, they have created processes and systems so the business creates profits without them […]

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Wealthy People Have Multiple Streams of Income

I always say that the easiest way to become wealthy is to do what rich people do. And, it’s simple. Rich people don’t stay in a job for many decades. They don’t get buried in their business. Rather, they invest in themselves and education which ultimately leads them to success.

Traditional Schooling Doesn’t Teach About Passive Income

Most students in public schools today do not gain the financial education they need to be successful. In fact, many people who want to be investors do not have the know-how to be successful.  But, wealthy people take the time to invest in themselves first. They learn to invest in education specifically in real estate, business, stock, and commodities so that their decisions can create multiple streams of […]

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The Importance of Mentors


When you’re embarking upon a new adventure, it is of the utmost importance for you to find individuals who have experience doing what you want to do – mentors that can demonstrate exactly what needs to be done for success and attaining greater wealth attraction.

Having a mentor is one of the absolute greatest ways to be able to see and hear others’ experiences as an entrepreneur, small business owner, or real estate investor. Who better to advocate and provide advice and leadership; while also being able to understand exactly what pitfalls to avoid? A mentor will be able to completely understand the type of accomplishments that you want to obtain.

The ideal mentor can:

Lay the foundation for a rewarding path […]

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Resist The Comfortable and Welcome Change

Change. It’s a scary word. It implies resisting what is comfortable and moving into unfamiliar territory to welcome change. In fact, in my coaching experience, I find many business entrepreneurs struggle with the change process. In fact, it isn’t easy to overcome years of pre-existing beliefs that are the cause of years of comfort walls we build around our lives. But, how your mind thinks is what you become. Change begins with your mind.  Like Henry Ford said, ‘Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right!”

I had to choose to welcome change.

When I was going through change and looking for success after my divorce, one of the things I did is I worked very closely […]

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Happiness and Success: Which is the Chicken and Which is the Egg?

For many of us, our idea of hard work, success, and happiness live together. We have memories of our parents saying that if we work hard and become successful, we will be happy. In fact, the relationship between happiness and success has become so ingrained that, even to imagine an alternative seems ridiculous.

But, what if this type of thinking is wrong, and our parents have the chicken before the egg?
What if we could challenge the old concept and begin with happiness as the key ingredient to our success?

Psychologists around the world are working on groundbreaking studies into the relationship between happiness and success. Their studies look at how happiness and success promote and enhance each other. In the field of positive […]

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Thinking Like An Entrepreneur to Attract Wealth

Thinking Like An Entrepreneur Attracts More Wealth

How can an entrepreneur predict wealth attraction without uncertainty?  One of the greatest and most important ways to do that is the way you THINK.  Entrepreneurs must believe undeniably in themselves.  They are decisive.  They are confident and have a firm belief in their perspective.  This is one of the most important attributes.

Entrepreneurs have foresight and a specific mission at hand that they are able to benefit from.  Their belief in themselves and their success surpasses any other thoughts that may try to creep in.  This type of logic requires a dynamic confidence that they have been created solely for a specific purpose in life – a purpose that can only be achieved by […]

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Online Reputation Management – Becoming an Author

Our earlier Online Identity Series post entitled, Your Online Identity to the World, highlighted a few things that you can do to be viewed as well trained in your field.  We laid out a blueprint, by using specific online reputation management skills that will help you emerge as the most qualified individual in your industry.  Social media and blogging, being an author and writing your own book, utilizing the benefits of online interactions like webinars and teleseminars, and public speaking are those things that we discussed.

Don’t forget that it’s a mistake to depend exclusively on the Law of Attraction and a compassionate Universe to increase your notoriety, enhance […]

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Public Speaking to Build Your Online Identity

We’ve touched on a few steps that you can take to be seen as a master in your industry in our earlier online identity series post titled, Introducing Your Online Identity to the World.  Those five tips that can give you more exposure are; using social media and blogging, writing a book, online interaction like webinars and teleseminars, and public speaking.

Don’t make the mistake, though, of depending purely on the Law of Attraction and the generosity of mankind.  There is work that you need to do to make things happen.  A major way to gain the reputation as the phenomenon of your industry is through public speaking and keynote speaking.


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Enhancing Online Reputation Using Online Events

We previously discussed the steps to be seen as industry savvy and help you attract attention over your competition.  Those five steps included:

using social media
publishing a book
becoming a blogger
communicating online with webinars and teleseminars
public speaking

In that post, I explained what a mistake it would be to solely rely on the Law of Attraction and a generous human nature to have a more prominent reputation, expand your business, and attract wealth.  You have to do more!  Using online events; such as webinars, teleseminars, and podcasts; is one of the greatest methods to increase the public approval rating of your followers.


We’ve all become […]

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