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Let Passion Be Your Driving Force

Passion is the driving force that brings success. In all our decisions, there is a variety of motivation and intensities. But when passion kicks in, it’s the one thing that makes us want to “leap out of bed in the morning” and begin the day with purpose. Moreover, dedication begins long before you see a profitable dollar. It’s an attitude that ignores distractions and bashes through obstacles with flexibility and end-goal-strategy.  That is because passion is a force with the power to propel you forward. Passion leads to attracting wealth!

An opposite emotion, fear, is notorious for suppressing passion. Fear has an equally powerful effect on your thinking, words, and actions. Fear brings up “what if” scenarios and old mindsets that […]

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How do you generate more income?

Everyone making an income will fall into one of the four categories of earners. Each one is earning money, but which will build wealth? Which will be able to create the life they desire? Let’s look at how each of us fits into one of these categories:

Employee: This is the person that has a job and chooses to work for other people. They trade their time for money.
Self-employed: This person works for themselves – They make their schedule & dictate terms for earning an income. They own their jobs, and their role needs them to be successful. They find themselves stuck in the day-to-day operations of the business.
Business owners: This person is the visionary. Therefore, they have created processes and systems so the business creates profits without them […]

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Wealthy People Have Multiple Streams of Income

I always say that the easiest way to become wealthy is to do what rich people do. And, it’s simple. Rich people don’t stay in a job for many decades. They don’t get buried in their business. Rather, they invest in themselves and education which ultimately leads them to success.

Traditional Schooling Doesn’t Teach About Passive Income

Most students in public schools today do not gain the financial education they need to be successful. In fact, many people who want to be investors do not have the know-how to be successful.  But, wealthy people take the time to invest in themselves first. They learn to invest in education specifically in real estate, business, stock, and commodities so that their decisions can create multiple streams of […]

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Tips for Entrepreneurs – Passive Income Creation

If you’re looking for a path to financial freedom, then look no more – Passive Income is the key.  The money left over after money earned, less expenses paid from that same money, received on a regular basis, with very little effort required to maintain it is what comprises Passive Income.  If you ever became physically unable to work or became ill, passive income could carry you through that down time.

With the benefits of online marketing and the ability for an entrepreneur’s business to have a broader reach via the internet, creating passive income streams is at the top of the must do list for many entrepreneurs.  Many have tried— and failed—to create successful passive income streams. Below is some […]

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What is the Best Way to Generate Passive Income?

By the nature of a blog post, financial and investment information must be kept very general. I cannot make specific recommendations for investing. For both legal and ethical reasons, the percentages below are rough estimates and are for general information purposes only.

Wealth Attraction is the idea that, if you put yourself in the right position, the universe will reward you for your foresight. The universe will help you acquire wealth with a minimum of effort and stress. Because of my success, I am a firm believer in real estate investments as a great way to generate passive income. In fact, I believe in this tactic so much that I’ve spent the last 20 years teaching others how to do it.

Generate […]

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US Retirement Savings is Not Keeping Pace

Startling financial news has hit the media in the past few weeks, as personal-finance news website shared recent data that clearly shows how retirement savings is not keeping pace for families in the US.

If you are an average worker in your forties, you’re making decent progress toward retirement, with a bit more than $81,000 saved in various ways for that golden day. However, if you happen to fall into the mean of workers, those in the 50th percentile, you’re in serious trouble, with barely $6200 in retirement saving stashed away.

This is according to a report titled, “The State of American Retirement”, from the Economic Policy Institute (EPI). The report emphasizes that, because so many families have zero […]

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Is Wealth Attraction Real; Really Real?

The current thinking about our new POTUS is that we should, “Take him seriously but not literally”. This matters because that phrase indicates that he means to act on his statements but, those actions may not look exactly like what his statements implied. I mention this because of the way various people view the concepts of wealth attraction and the Law of Attraction.

For some, those who take the idea of “attraction” literally, the Universe will provide for you if you want something enough. Purpose, intent, and action are not necessary for these “true believers”; faith in the Universe is more than enough for them.

In the real world however, human beings do act on their own behalf, by design and with […]

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Hiring a Business Coach: Just Do It!

“What you think you become.
What you feel you attract.
What you imagine you create.”
Buddha (Or a greeting card writer)

This quotation is often attributed to the Buddha but it’s difficult to find proof that he is the source. If you’re interested and want to read more on the story, visit the website

Now, the real question is, why would I even question the source of this wisdom, and make such a point of it here? The reason is fairly simple, but also somewhat profound… The source of wisdom is not as important as the lesson it teaches.

It’s difficult to estimate the number of times I’ve thought or said the following but, I really can’t stress this point enough.

I wish […]

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Wealth and The Law of Attraction

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the Law of Attraction works in many ways; from personal attraction to wealth attraction, the Universe is on your side – if you allow it to be!

In one way, this means that you must get out of the way and let good things happen; while in another, this means that you must do all you can to set yourself up for success. In other words, you want to create a mindset successfully reaching your goals feels normal, expected, and believable. Otherwise you’re holding yourself in a state of disbelief and, by the very nature of the Law of Attraction, the Universe will turn your disbelief into reality.

If reaching your goal seems […]

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Tips for Entrepreneurs – How to Create Passive Income

Passive income is your key to financial freedom. Passive income is the money left over after you consider all monies in the business, minus all monies out received on a regular basis, with very little effort required to maintain it. Consider if you were to become ill or were physically unable to work, passive income is what you could rely on.

Thanks to online marketing and the ability for an entrepreneur’s business to be seen everywhere because of the internet, entrepreneurs have embraced the idea of creating passive income streams with enthusiasm and creativity. Although millions of people have tried to create fruitful passive-income streams, only to be surprised by the amount of work, cash or time involved, learning how to […]

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