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In today’s world there is so much competition out there in the marketplace.  It’s very important for entrepreneurs like yourself to stay ahead of that competition and this can only be achieved by having the right knowledge and information at hand to distinguish you from the rest of the crowd. My book was created from first hand experience of the successes and lessons learned during my personal journey and will show you how to accumulate wealth, health and happiness.   This formula is really the answer to wealth attraction and the very best you can do for yourself, so you too can have the “edge” in business.

Wealth Attraction Formula covers it all from:

  • Mindset
  • Establishing your company vision
  • How to get funding
  • How to create and craft your offer
  • How and when to diversify, and more.

This formula is really the answer to wealth attraction and creation, and the very best investment you can make for yourself. However, this book “The Wealth Attraction Formula for Entrepreneurs” is not just another book telling you stories, it is been written to take you completely through the 7 steps of the “Wealth Attraction Formula” without leaving any stone unturned.

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