Work Smarter, Not Harder to Build Your Online Identity


Doing business online offers unique opportunities for reaching out to people you may never have imagined approaching just 10 short years ago. Yet, internet marketing has also become incredibly competitive in that same time span. Your wealth building plan must include a strategic approach to internet marketing, or the challenge of meeting your long-term financial goals will continue indefinitely.

Beyond a beautiful and compelling website, managing your online identity and creating an expert image in your industry requires a multi-pronged approach to marketing. From social media to public speaking; from webinars, teleseminars and podcasts to regular blogging; and of course writing a book, you can gradually build a reputation as the “Got-to” person in your niche. A well-designed and executed internet marketing strategy enables you to boost your reputation and your sales.

Reputation Management: How to Stand Out from Your Competition

The Law of Attraction works in many ways. From personal attraction to wealth attraction, the Universe is on your side. If you allow it to be!

However, you can’t afford to hope that the Universe is online, taking care of everything for you. If you really hope to create a unique online presence, you will need to put yourself out there in the places that people will be able to find you. You need to become proactive in the extreme, if you hope to enable the Law of Attraction in your favor.

Doing this requires a comprehensive strategy. It also requires a commitment to follow through and make the effort to engage your audience where they are most active.

5 Steps to be Seen as the Expert in Your Industry

Here are five ways you can make that happen:

    1. Social Media – The entire world is on social media. You must be too! Social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube have become powerful tools in the area of reputation management and audience engagement. (Yes, YouTube is a social media platform.) With literally BILLIONS of people being social every day, the potential for reaching your target audience is astounding. If you hope to stand out from your competition, you absolutely MUST be present and engaged on social media!
    2. Write a book – Nothing works quite as well to build your reputation as authoring a book that speaks to the needs of your target audience. Due to the lengthier format, a book is a marvelous tool for letting your audience know that you understand their pain points – and that you have solutions to offer! To help your readers move toward positive outcomes, offer specific exercises or alternatives to generally accepted but ineffective solutions. Let the other self-described “experts” continue to offer the same old, same old.
    3. Blogging – The importance of a blog simply cannot be overemphasized. Writing a blog offers an opportunity for you to inform readers, and build relationships with them. A regular blog presence also keeps the search engines happy, prompting them to send visitors to your website. A weekly blog has massive potential for building your reputation as an expert in your niche.
    4. Webinars, Teleseminars & Podcasts – The internet is a largely impersonal world. There are millions of “experts” seeking attention. Using webinars, teleseminars, and podcasts will go a long way toward helping your audience get to know you – personally AND professionally. After all, when was the last time you felt comfortable plunking down a couple of grand to someone you didn’t know?
    5. Public Speaking – The strongest reputations are built from inter-personal relationships. Put yourself out there in front of a variety of audiences, large and small, to enhance the impression that you’re The One. Make yourself The Expert your target audience needs to help them overcome the challenges you address!

Keep Working Your Rep

By employing a clearly outlined marketing strategy, you will be seen as the expert in your industry. This will enable you to work smarter, not harder than your competition. Let them struggle to understand and implement their own approach to managing their reputation online. In the meantime, you’ll be far ahead in the race to engage and work with the very audience they seek.

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