Wealth Attraction Steps – Blogging to Boost Income


Do you have a blog at your website? If not, you should. If you do, you should be publishing to it regularly, at least weekly. Why? Because blogging is a great tool for engaging and communicating with, as well as building your audience. A blog is also a powerful tool for enhancing your marketing funnel(s) – building a clear path to the products or services you offer – creating interest, trust, and loyalty among potential buyers.

There are a variety of ways to share high-value information from your blog; things that the search engines and your potential audience will find interesting. The goal of this post though is to help you understand why your blog is an important wealth attraction tool. For specific steps on how to create posts that generate income-producing leads, read this blog post from SocialMediaExaminer.com, 8 Ways to Generate Leads with Your Blog, a highly respected resource for online marketing tips.

Monetize your blog

While a blog my not be a direct link to income generation and wealth attraction, it is one of the most powerful tools you can use to generate leads that can evolve into conversions.

  • Share high-value information – One of the best ways to build your online reputation is to present your audience with high-value information that they don’t have to pay for. This is especially true if you’re an emerging entrepreneur who is working to build an online business, but it is also important for an established entrepreneur, as a way to reinforce your reputation as an expert in your field. Think of it this way; few people will be willing to shell out a large sum of money to someone they do not know and trust. Your blog it the tool by which they can learn about you and decide that you offer something they need.
  • Attract the search engines – Google and the other search engines are all about finding and presenting information; the fresh, timely, and relevant information that their customer, the searcher, is looking for. When you offer this type of information on a regular basis, the SEs will take notice and move you up in the search results (SERPs), presenting you and your blog to their audience as a valuable resource that can be trusted. After all, if Google Gods trust you, who can argue with that, right?
  • Attract more visitors – once the search engines begin to recognize your blog as a valuable resource, traffic to your website is going to grow fairly quickly, and usually with high quality leads. As your following grows, a significant side-effect will be a growth in sales. In other words, as you continue to share high-value information at your blog, you’ll begin to convert those in your audience who are “just looking” into buyers.
  • Guest blogging – As a tool for expanding your reach, guest blogging has no peer, enabling you to reach the audience of more established bloggers and boosting your reputation through simple association. Guest blogging will also create what are known as “backlinks,” which are incoming links from other highly ranked websites – another important factor that the search engines love to see.

Your blog should be your “Home Base” for everything you do online; the place from which you manage your reputation and build an audience. As you generate “Likes,” “Shares,” and “Follows,” your audience will grow and your message will spread – through the 21st Century version of word-of-mouth advertising, the most powerful type of advertising you can hope for.

Are you using your blog effectively? Have you begun to see a boost in income through blogging? Share your efforts and results in the comments section below.

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