How Limiting Beliefs About Wealth are Affecting Your Health & Happiness

Health and happiness are about far more than simply eating better and dumping toxic relationships. In fact, far too many people do not believe themselves worthy of either, or both, often because of the way they were raised and the belief system they’ve grown to accept – about the world they live in and about themselves. After all, being wealthy is about so much more than simply acquiring money; it’s about balance in all areas of your life.

When the beliefs that you hold dearest affect you negatively, they are called “limiting beliefs”, since they limit your ability to move forward, toward goals that you also value. This can create a great deal of internal conflict and stress, since such negative beliefs tend to clash with your goals. Overcoming limiting beliefs, while difficult, is actually rather simple; you must replace them with empowering beliefs.

To overcome your limiting beliefs about money, you must begin to develop what I refer to as a “Wealth Mindset”. This means that you understand your thoughts and feelings about money, discover where they came from, and how you can change them for the better.

Develop a Wealth Mindset

The three most common limiting beliefs, or money habits, I’ve encountered are:

  1. Money as a crutch – When you tell yourself that you want something but that you “can’t afford it”, you use money as the excuse for not fulfilling your desire. Instead, you should develop a plan that will enable you to “afford it”, especially if it’s important to you. Doing this will help you put money into a more positive perspective, as a tool for fulfilling your needs and wants.
  2. Bills as a value – Your bills are not “out to get you”. Almost like the weather, they simply exist as a fact of life. When you attach a negative value to bills, when you hate them but continue to acquire them as your earnings grow, you give them power over you; the power to cause stress and unhappiness in your life. Instead, put them into perspective and, if you really wish to have fewer bills, develop a plan to pay them down and rid yourself of the “hassle”.
  3. Ignoring money challenges – When you ignore or refuse to understand money issues, or leave it up to your partner perhaps, you give up your power to control your own income and build your wealth. Doing this leaves you at the mercy of your paycheck, which is highly stressful and leads you to hate your bills and to use money as a crutch. Instead, accept your role as an earner, and take responsibility for spending and budgeting, if you hope to regain control of your money, and your wealth.

Check the Things You Value

Money, and wealth, are only as valuable as you allow them to be; money is a tool and wealth is a measurement, not values in and of themselves. When kept in proper perspective, when you develop a positive wealth mindset, this tool and measurement will work for you, instead of against you. And, by doing so, you will ensure greater health and increased happiness.

If you find yourself struggling to develop a new way of thinking about money and wealth, to develop a positive wealth mindset, get in touch with me today for help with overcoming your limiting beliefs about wealth.

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