Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs

What are the most important characteristics of successful entrepreneurs: Is it the ability to create a “vision of success”? Is it the desire to “do something special”? Is it the need to do it all yourself and “go it alone”?

While the first two are important positive characteristics, the third is the most frequent mistake made by emerging entrepreneurs; that is, thinking they must do it all – to be all things to all people, all the time. After all, few of us possess the knowledge, training, and experience to do everything required to run a business and, with this in mind, the successful entrepreneur knows that building a support system is critical to long-term success.

Building a Team to Support You

This support system may include accounting and legal help, product development, website development, marketing and sales, branding, administrative support, and a wealth of other areas that may be necessary, depending on the skill set of individual entrepreneur. If you’re starting a business with years of face-to-face sales and promotion as your foundation, it’s likely that you’re going to need administrative, legal, and accounting support at a minimum.

  • If you hope to market newly developed products online, you’ll need a website with shopping cart and payment support, or some help setting and managing up an eCommerce site. You’ll also need support for shipping and handling of your products, as well as the previously mentioned administrative, legal, and accounting support.
  • If you’ve recently written a book that you are certain will become the “Go-to” source for your niche, you will either need help to find a publisher – or – you’re going to need help with self-publishing and sales: through Amazon or another eBook marketing site, or your own website with shopping cart, plus (you guessed it) more administrative, legal, and accounting support.

You see, building a team to support you in your new business is not as simple as you might imagine. Simply finding potential team members, then negotiating for their services, can be daunting for a new entrepreneur. If you’ve never done this before, you have no network to fall back on, which means your search for support will start from ground zero – and could remain there for some time.

Why a Business Coach or Mentor May Be Your Best 1st Step

This alone is a good reason to work with a coach or mentor; someone who’s been there and done that – and made their own mistakes – before you. This person can guide you to avoid the most obvious mistakes, lead you in a positive direction, and offer their own network of support to help you build a team that will provide the support you need.

Often, business owners and entrepreneurs focus only on the initial, up-front investment for the coaching they need, without looking at the return on investment that a quality coach or mentor is going to bring them. When you learn to make that shift in your mindset, like I have done, this changes significantly. In fact, I continue to pay for the best coaches and mentors I can find, to help me streamline and accelerate my processes, doing the things necessary to get me where I want to go more efficiently and productively, with fewer errors and detours along the road to success.

Still have questions about wealth attraction coaching? Send me a note if you’re interested in exploring the opportunity.

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  1. Entrepreneurs must possess these characters in order to become successful. It helps you to be able to surpass the challenges that come your way. Something to be applied in everyday lives.

    • Ann Sanfelippo says:

      You are absolutely correct! It’s how we face the challenges that come our way that determines our success.

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