Beware the Self-Indulgence of Always Living in Crisis

Beginning a new year usually brings some type of transition, if not real change. Following a national election, and this election in particular, most of us are expecting quite a bit of change. While many are apoplectic and seething, there are plenty of others who are optimistic and looking forward to positive changes. To both sides, I say, beware the self-indulgence of perpetually living in crisis mode; whether you believe we’re headed for one or have recently survived one (or many).

It’s one thing to recognize danger and take action to protect yourself and your family. To see every situation as an emergency however, is overly pessimistic and negative. The energy this creates is harmful, and will only attract negative vibration into your life. It’s also self-indulgent, in that you will likely cast yourself as the hero who saves the day.

Unless you fail to do so, of course. Ah, then what?

Expected Changes are Never Crises

To panic over changes you’ve anticipated makes no sense. After all, if you know a flood is coming, you move to higher ground. If you love to live in crisis mode though, you may wait to the last minute or wait for high water to hit. You can then “rescue” those who need it – or you can blame the inevitable tragedy that follows on someone else. Either way, you and your actions become the focus of attention, which is the very definition of self-indulgence in the face of a crisis.

With this in mind, it’s time to prepare yourself for some alterations to the “norm” for the new year (or, what we’ve come to accept as normal, anyway):

  • Stock Market – Because interest rates from the Federal Reserve have been kept artificially low for a decade, the stock markets have gone crazy, reaching record values and boosting the portfolios of many, especially the already wealthy.

This will not – cannot – last. Real world economics must return (someday), and there are already hints from the Fed that this will begin early in 2017, with a gradual increase in the discount rate. When this does happen, stock values will begin to trend downward and portfolios may shrink.

Do not panic. Remember, this will be a normal market trend occurring, replacing the abnormal market trends we’ve used to indulge ourselves for most of the past 10 years. All markets self-correct – eventually.

Of course, once the reaction to the artificial supports being removed has taken place, further market correction will occur and the “crisis” of stocks losing value due to growing interest rates will also abate. Recognizing the inevitability of these changing forces, and preparing for them in advance, will enable you to avoid, or mitigate, any crisis that may follow.

  • Relationship Challenges – Relationships are likely to become testy and stressful in the first half of the year, especially between those on opposite sides of the political fence. For some, this negative influencer will move beyond simply being “Unfriended” or “Unfollowed” on social media, leading to the breakdown of actual friendships – like where real people actually speak to each other face-to-face (a rare commodity these days).

On a national level, race relations are at a boiling point, meaning that diversity in hiring and interpersonal relationships in the workplace will become a focus of attention, potentially negative, with crisis after crisis being reported in the news.

Internationally, some will find renewed respect for us, while others will renew their hatred. Wars will flare here and there, while others may subside. There is a natural cycle to such things, for few can live in a state of perpetual fear and anger.

If you focus only on the negative aspects of these interpersonal and international relationships, you will again be indulging yourself in a well of negative energy and, since “like attracts like” you will be drawing destructive vibrations into your life.

While I’m no psychologist, I am an experienced world traveler, speaker, personal and business coach. I’ve met and worked with a remarkably diverse portfolio of people from around the world and, having seen so much, I remain stunned by the refusal of so many in the West (and the US in particular) to accept reality, and adapt to it.

Accept Reality to Avoid Living in Crisis

Instead, cognitive dissonance surrounds us, and resounds within too many of us, as does the emotionally indulgent and crippling sense of betrayal felt by many, as a result. What does this mean?

“In psychology, cognitive dissonance is the mental stress or discomfort experienced by an individual who holds two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values at the same time; performs an action that is contradictory to their beliefs, ideas, or values; or is confronted by new information that conflicts with existing beliefs, ideas or values.” (Wikipedia)

This begs a few questions: What do you believe; about the world, others, and yourself? Which of your ideas are reality-based and which are not? What do you value, and why?

Once you’ve answered these questions for yourself, your personal contradictions will dissipate, you will be less inclined to seek out crises to “overcome”, and you’ll begin to develop renewed self-confidence and increased competence, even as you revive your sense of joy with life. Doesn’t that sound better than always living in crisis?

A coach helps you see those things, enabling you to more easily overcome them. If you’d like to know more about Wealth Attraction™ Coaching, Send me a note if you’re interested in exploring the opportunity.

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