Hiring a Business Coach: Just Do It!

“What you think you become.
What you feel you attract.
What you imagine you create.”
Buddha (Or a greeting card writer)

This quotation is often attributed to the Buddha but it’s difficult to find proof that he is the source. If you’re interested and want to read more on the story, visit the website FakeBuddhaQuotes.com.

Now, the real question is, why would I even question the source of this wisdom, and make such a point of it here? The reason is fairly simple, but also somewhat profound… The source of wisdom is not as important as the lesson it teaches.

It’s difficult to estimate the number of times I’ve thought or said the following but, I really can’t stress this point enough.

I wish I had made the decision to invest in a coach sooner than I did. Looking back, I realize that I could have moved much faster and farther, with more ease, if I had made the investment in coaching earlier in my career. So many business owners think they can do it all, especially when starting a business when cash is usually tight but, they just need to face the fact that they can’t. In fact, if you want to really succeed and build wealth, instead of constantly struggling, then the sooner you invest in coaching the better.

For an entrepreneur or small business owner, having a coach can make all the difference in the world for the success of your business. Whether you’re busy trying to establish your business, working on developing a new product or service, or developing a growth strategy for your existing operation, the experience and expert opinion from a coach can be invaluable for both the short- and long-term health of your business.

Benefits of Working with a Business Coach

When you choose to work with a business coach, the benefits are likely to exceed any cost involved.

  • Experience and Expertise – First, business coaches can offer you expert advice and guidance based on actual experiences in the world of business and business start-ups. Most of them have, “Been there and done that”, with both successes and failures from which they’ve learned the hard lessons you’re about to encounter.
  • Fresh Perspective – Having a sounding board for your ideas, from new products or services to the structure of your business, is a great way to work out any kinks in your thinking. For an emerging entrepreneur for example, it’s to be expected that you will get caught up with your ideas to the point of questioning, confusion or second guessing yourself. There may also be areas you’ve never even considered.
  • Existing Business Network – With experience comes a network of industry connections – connections you likely do not have yet. Not only will your coach help to open doors so you can meet people, he or she will know which doors to knock on. The value of an introduction to the movers and shakers in your niche, not to mention the thought leaders in your target market, is something you simply cannot put a price on.
  • Different Skill Set – While you have expertise to offer, ‘else why begin a business, there are areas of your business which will present challenges you may not be able to meet, such as: hiring employees, bookkeeping, taxes, business structure, just to name a few. Business coaches often have areas of advanced skills, so you can further your technical abilities while you gather bigger-picture insight.
  • Return on Investment – Selecting a business coach can be tricky – in today’s on-line world of experts. Your goal is to find someone who has done what you want to do, who is willing to show you how they did it and see a return greater than your investment for their expertise. A truly committed coach has a single goal – to help you succeed in your business.

Paying for a business coach offers an opportunity to realize your business vision far more quickly than you would have otherwise.

When you choose to work with a business coach, know this: Because of the wisdom and experience available to you, you will have an opportunity to streamline and accelerate the business process to get you where you want to go more efficiently and productively, with fewer errors and a much smoother path to success.

Have questions about Wealth Attraction coaching? Send me a note if you’re interested in exploring the opportunity.

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