You Have 3 Solutions to Every Problem Situation or Relationship

“There are three solutions to every problem: accept it, change it leave it.” – Anonymous

Imagine for a moment the following: Three people are working for a boss with a reputation as a relentless driver of others, pushing them to produce or find employment elsewhere. For the employee with a similar personality, driven to succeed at all costs, working for this person is ideal and they excel in such an environment.

For the person who is an outside the box thinker, this type of approach toward all on the team is unrealistic and less than productive, so they work to alter the boss’s approach and expectations. For our third employee, the compulsive goading and obsessive ambition are simply too much to take, so they abandon the job and move on to another, more comfortable work environment.

Here we have three people in similar situations who chose different paths, the three paths that all of us have in every situation or circumstance in life: Accept it… Change it… Leave it.

Real-world Choices Have Consequences

As you make your way through life, you will be faced with a variety of situations, circumstances, challenges, and relationships that will test your patience, your resolve, your commitment, and your acceptance. In each of these situations, you always have three options, choices or actions you can take when you feel something isn’t right or isn’t working for you. You can attempt to change the person or circumstance, you can accept it, or you can leave it and move on.

These are simple choices, though they may not be easy to implement. Yet, when you view your most challenging situations in this way, your stress and anxiety levels will become manageable and you’ll feel more in control of your life.

Here are the three choices you have in every situation or relationship:

  • Accept it – When change or avoidance are not possible, acceptance becomes your best choice; for peace of mind and reduced stress. So, accept your situation as is, and without conditions.
  • Change it – If you’re frustrated with your circumstance or a relationship, take action to improve it, to the extent you’re able to influence events or behaviors.
  • Leave it – When a situation becomes unbearable, you do not have to stay and endure the pain. Let go, and look forward to the inevitable change that follows.

It’s often difficult to accept the fact that you cannot make people change simply because you want, need or hope they will. Even when you think it would be in their best interest to do so, people only change when they want to do so. In such a situation, what you cannot do is – stay in an unchangeable or unacceptable situation and complain all the time.

A Key to Happiness

Staying in an awful situation or relationship that you cannot change makes no sense, while abandoning the same simply because it’s become difficult is a cop-out. It’s better to make a reasoned, rational choice; knowing that, realistically, there are only three solutions to choose from.

Above all, remember this – You are responsible to people not for them.

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