Is Wealth Attraction Real; Really Real?

The current thinking about our new POTUS is that we should, “Take him seriously but not literally”. This matters because that phrase indicates that he means to act on his statements but, those actions may not look exactly like what his statements implied. I mention this because of the way various people view the concepts of wealth attraction and the Law of Attraction.

For some, those who take the idea of “attraction” literally, the Universe will provide for you if you want something enough. Purpose, intent, and action are not necessary for these “true believers”; faith in the Universe is more than enough for them.

In the real world however, human beings do act on their own behalf, by design and with goals in mind, based on the things we value; that is, with values, ethics, and ambitions involved. The key to understanding the concept of attraction of any kind is that your values, ethics, and ambitions will coincide with those of others in your life, for good or bad, depending on your mindset and standards.

Proof for the Law of Attraction

The relevance of these ideas came to me as a result of reading two articles: one which offers “scientific proof” for the Law of Attraction and another that offers the same type of proof to declare that “It doesn’t exist”.

In the first article, brain imaging research is used to indicate the idea of “mirroring”; the concept that when you witness excellence in action (or fear and failure), your brain will learn to mirror the action which can lead to the same level of excellence when you take similar action.

This is powerful stuff and makes a great deal of sense, especially when one considers the power of role models, heroes, and mentors at every level in our lives.

On the other hand, as the second article very clearly and compellingly points out, merely thinking about satisfying your wants and needs give the Universe little to work with in your favor, with a success rate of something like 1/10th of one percent! (Oh yeah, it’s a real downer.)

So, what’s really going on?

So, what’s really going on with the whole notion of “attraction”, of anything: wealth, relationships, success, happiness?

Needless to say, there is a powerful placebo effect to thinking that a “higher power” is on your side in life; that you’re not really alone in this Universe and that you have back-up to help you achieve all you aspire to.

Yet, that is not proof. What I suggest is that you look at your own life for the proof you need, as I have.

Successful people tend to associate with other successful people. Democrats and Republicans hang with like-minded people in their political sphere. Parents socialize with parents while singles socialize with singles. And, positive thinkers do NOT spend much time around negative people.

For you, this means that you need to find and spend time with others who share your values and outlook on life; people with similar goals and aspirations; folks with whom you can become allies in the world of expectations and achievements.

In other words, if you set yourself up to attract success, while the Universe may not literally bring it to you, it will seriously not get in your way!

Have you learned how to use the principles of attraction to improve your life or career? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!

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