Is the Cost of Health Care Out of Control? [INFOGRAPHIC]

While opinions on the effects of Obamacare and the new American Health Care Act (AHCA), which some are calling “TrumpCare”, are all over the map, there is one thing we can all agree on: The cost of health care in the US is on the rise.

The real question is, is it out of control?

At this point we can accept that health insurance premiums and co-pays rose dramatically under Obamacare, pricing many Americans out of the market. Yet, questions remain about the latest “fix” recently put in place by congress. At the same time though, a number of factors have added to the ongoing cost of health care, most associated with the increased cost of health insurance.

As if more proof were needed that government intervention in virtually any area of the economy increases costs with relatively little reward, the numbers in the infographic below are disturbing, at best. (With a big “thank you” to

health insurance cost infographic

Cost of Health Insurance Skyrockets

Further, “In the 12-month period ending in July–August 2015, 25 percent of privately insured adults had unaffordable health care costs as measured by the Affordability Index.”

  • 13% of adults had premiums that were unaffordable
  • 10% had unaffordable deductibles
  • 11% had unaffordable out-of-pocket costs

In short, some 25% of adults in the US believe their health insurance premiums are “difficult or impossible” to pay.

cost of health care infographic

Quite naturally, the increased co-pays and high deductibles that many have experienced since the advent of the ACA has affected the quality of health care that is being received. Because of these higher costs to access care, up to 40% of adults may have avoided visiting their doctor when ill. In addition, some 30% may have skipped a recommended test and another 20% or so may have avoided following up with a specialist when it was recommended by their doctor.

Even preventive care has been affected by the increased costs, with some 18% of adults surveyed saying they did not get a preventive care test because of their deductible. This, even though such screening is mandated as “free” in the ACA.

Clearly, something must be done beyond tweaks to the system, since playing around with insurance coverage has done nothing to stem the rising cost of health care.

What do you think needs to be done to improve our health care system in the US? Please, share your thoughts on this critical subject in the comments section below.

2 Comments on Is the Cost of Health Care Out of Control? [INFOGRAPHIC]

  1. Lynn says:

    Quite frankly, we did not have all these health care issues, or at least they weren’t such a mess before Obamacare was pushed on the American people.
    Healthcare is broken, and at this point, it is anyone’s guess as what the government will do to repair it.

  2. Jason Gorczyca says:

    We in the US pay more and get less for our healthcare than almost any other industrialized nation…a problem that existed before the ACA and mainly due to the for-profit insurance industry. However, Medicare is actually an efficient, government run program providing universal coverage to everyone over 65. Universal healthcare coverage should be expanded to all ages and not tied to employers. Those who have employer based healthcare actually get the biggest government handout of all, as the US Government subsidizes the cost by offering tax breaks to the companies that offer coverage.

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