Online Marketing Tips for Emerging Entrepreneurs

Congratulations… Your online business is up and running – and growing. You’ve taken steps to ensure that your site is trustworthy and provides a seamless shopping experience. Now it’s time to focus on marketing your business so you can attract more new customers, while keeping your current ones engaged and satisfied.

Internet marketing may seem daunting at first, but building a loyal customer base can be fun – and rewarding. When executed well, a comprehensive marketing strategy will do the following for you:

  • Raise your profile and build your brand
  • Meet customers’ high expectations for email
  • Get serious about using social media
  • Reward your best customers
  • Expand your presence
  • Be proactive about planning for key shopping seasons

As with all marketing however, you’re aiming at a shifting target, which requires regular evaluations of the effectiveness of your strategy and execution.

Navigating a Shifting Sea in Marketing

Choosing a funnel may be your most important marketing decision, determining not only the appeal of your message but also its tone and direction. A clear understanding of your target audience will go a long way in determining the type of funnel you choose, as well as the content and spirit of your message.

Of course, a regular evaluation of your strategy will allow you to adjust both, as well as telling you if you need to expand into other marketing funnels, or contract to focus on the most productive one.

  • Use personalized content for one-to-one marketing. Send customers personalized emails, retarget them, and create a customized experience on your site using dynamic content. Consider search engine marketing (SEM) to attract new business.
  • Get more strategic with email marketing. Email remains a top marketing tool. Make sure your messages look professional – and nothing like spam.
  • Use social media to drive sales. Use sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram to interact with customers. Be prepared to keep the conversation fresh.
  • Develop loyalty and rewards programs. Show your customers that they’re valued, and earn their repeat business.
  • Sell locally – and in popular online marketplaces. Use free online tools and services and start selling in popular marketplaces to attract business from your area and beyond.
  • Ramp up early for selling around major holidays. Attract business before, during, and after major holidays by focusing on search engine optimization (SEO), making your site easy to navigate, and monitoring search trends.

Internet marketing has become a billion-dollar industry on its own, with “experts” coming out of the woodwork daily. For most emerging entrepreneurs though, the simple, common sense online marketing tips outlined above will take you a very long way toward your goal of marketing success.

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