Instagram Engagement – How to Begin a Conversation

Social media has become such a popular marketing tool for a single reason – it allows you to engage your target audience in a conversation. As a marketing tool, Instagram engagement may be unsurpassed by any other platform.

In the world of online marketing, and particularly in the world of social media marketing, “engagement” is the hottest buzz word going. What does it mean? According to social media guru Jason Falls, engagement is defined as “communicating well enough that the audience pays attention.” Or, to put it more simply, engagement is a two-way conversation.

How to Use Instagram to Engage your Audience

I recently read in a blog post here that, “Your comments are your personality.” I love that line! Why? Because it’s so true, yet many brands don’t think this way and focus too much on simply blasting their messages into space, rather than creating a dialogue.

For me, the beauty of the social network, and Instagram in particular, is that it can be used as a two-way communication channel. For a business employing social media as a marketing tool, that line should be changed to read, “Your comments are your identity” or, even better – your brand.

A prime example of this can be found in the Groupon Banana Bunker story, where a mistaken impression of a product offered at Groupon turned into an example of a social media engagement and communication opportunity that was executed brilliantly.

You can read the amusing story at the blog mentioned above but, the most important things to remember are these: that clever little exercise in engagement earned Groupon 12,000 comments, 18,000 “likes,” and 43,000 shares.

The key to engaging your audience is for you to be engaged with them. After all, every conversation must begin somewhere, right? Take the reins, show some personality, and show a genuine interest in the things your audience has to say. If you follow this simple advice on how to begin a conversation on Instagram, your followers will begin to perceive you as a friend, rather than “just a brand.”

Have you already begun to implement Instagram strategies into your Social Media Marketing Strategy? Are you trying to engage your audience in conversations on Instagram? How has that worked out for you, and your brand?

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