Web Content That Delivers Value: “What’s in it for me?”

Are you struggling to find success in the world of online marketing, using content marketing: web content designed to stimulate interest and curiosity?

There are a number of areas from which you can choose to focus your online marketing efforts: social media marketing, creating marketing videos, writing blog posts, email marketing, or “all of the above”. However, there is one thing that is fundamental to your success; you must create web content that delivers value to your visitors.

Far more important than the platform you choose to use for sharing your insights, the value of the web content you produce and publish will determine the long-term success of your content marketing campaign. Compelling, timely, relevant information is the kind of content that rides across the internet like a Tsunami, generating interest and bringing new traffic to your chosen platform: your website, your blog, your YouTube channel, your Facebook Page, etc.

Content Marketing: Create High-value Web Content

With that said, the subject of your content is just one important factor in its potential for being shared, followed, and maybe going viral. Equally critical is the way you approach and explore your subject:

  • Get the Facts Right – by doing your research – and never publish anything you’re not 100% certain of being true. Whatever you hope to achieve with your content marketing plan, your reputation, and that of your business, is at stake. Do not risk making errors that could do irreparable damage to either one.
  • Share Common Misconceptions – whatever niche you may choose to explore, there will be a list of commonly held beliefs that are simply untrue. These can often do real damage to the uninformed so – inform them. If you’re able, share where they came from, the damage they can do, and finally, explain why they are held onto in spite of the facts. Then, teach your audience how to overcome them.
  • Explore Alternatives – that may not be part of the mainstream. There is seldom a one-size-fits-all solution to anything human beings try or experience. Conditions change, talents differ, and skill sets vary greatly. In other words, there are usually more than one solution to every problem and, as the designated expert, it’s your job to explore the choices available to your audience.
  • Share Success Stories – because everyone enjoys learning that others have overcome the odds and found success. It gives them hope that they can do the same. Offering encouragement like this will go a long way toward holding the interest of your audience and, eventually, may compel them to seek your particular solution; be it a product or a service.
  • Be creative – in your thinking and your execution, without going overboard. Fundamental to broad-based marketing is the belief that humor, and sex, both sell. Unfortunately, not every subject can be dealt with using jokes and sexual entendre. Instead, a creative approach to your subject should involve a fresh approach or innovative thinking about it, not some off-color copy that may offend.

BONUS TIP: Above all, high-value web content is benefits-based. It will answer the single most important question that your audience and potential clients will have: “What’s in it for me?”

As a consumer of information, products, and services yourself, you know this to be true. If you hope to be successful with your content marketing strategy, then you’ll need to create and generate web content that focuses on this need for your audience.

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