5 Keys to Attracting Wealth: Desire as the Foundation for Action

In my book, The Wealth Attraction Formula: How to Attract Wealth & Manifest the Life of Your Dreams, I discuss the Five Keys to Attracting Wealth. Once you discover that mindset is the most important component in creating wealth (Chapter 1), the challenge becomes more about building that mindset and taking positive steps to achieve your goals; a way of thinking and feeling that inspires action which creates results and impacts your values.

Moving Beyond Mindset

The first Key to Attracting Wealth is Desire. This is because whenever you have a wish, dream, hope, or intention, you plant a seed from which a new reality can grow. Whether this seed will flourish or remain hidden underground depends on your mindset.

While your simplest wants and needs may be easy to fulfill, your bigger desires – those that plant the seeds of lifelong wealth, health, and happiness – are far more difficult to achieve. For these desires to bloom into reality, you need to make sure that your mindset and energies nourish them on both the conscious and subconscious levels.

Your greatest challenge to making this mindset transition will be overcoming your ego; that delicate, vulnerable sense of self that prefers the safety of the status quo and long-held, programmed behaviors to the challenge of expansion and change. Your ego thrives on proving itself right, and, if left unchecked, can become both a raging inner critic and a fountain of negativity and fear – both of which will hold you back and prevent you making the changes you need to succeed.

Desire as the Foundation for Action

As you begin your wealth creation journey, you’re likely to be hampered by conflicting desires: your ego’s need to “prove” yourself to others versus your wish for personal growth and development, for example. Yet, as you shift your mindset away from ego-fueled wants, your understanding of your true desires will change, as will your old ways of thinking about your place in the world and your chances of success.

You need to discover and differentiate between your true desires – those which are aligned with your soul, your heart, your Source, and your purpose in the world – rather than your ego’s desires. Doing this requires a long, deep look within, learning to listen not the bombastic voice that is your ego, but to the quieter, deeper voice that is your soul.

The voice of your soul is the voice within you that says, “Yes, you can!” and “You are meant for this.” It’s the voice that speaks your deepest, truest dreams and desires – the ones that really fulfill you and move you forward.

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