5 Keys to Attracting Wealth: Take Inspired Action Toward Your Vision & Desires

In my book, The Wealth Attraction Formula: How to Attract Wealth & Manifest the Life of Your Dreams, I discuss the Five Keys to Attracting Wealth. Once you discover that mindset is the most important component in creating wealth (Chapter 1), the challenge becomes more about building that mindset and taking positive steps to achieve your goals; a way of thinking and feeling that inspires action which creates results and impacts your values.

When It’s Time to Act

The third Key to Attracting Wealth is Action. If you’ve been spinning your wheels while doing “all the right things” you’ve been led to believe will create wealth, your actions are probably not aligned with your mindset, desires, and vision.

After all, it’s pretty easy to talk about setting goals and “working toward your dreams.” But action steps are a means to an end. Action is your path to creating your vision, but it isn’t a substitute for the vision itself, and it certainly is no replacement for a positive, growth-oriented mindset. In fact, action undertaken with an unhelpful mindset and an unclear vision will likely create more struggle and negative energy in your life, not less.

Action, in the Wealth Attraction Formula, is not just “doing stuff.” It’s doing stuff that matters – to you, and to where you want to go. It’s about moving toward your clearly defined vision and your true desires.

Your actions should always be more than items on an endless “To-do” list. They should take into account your mindset, your desires, and your vision, and have a clearly intended outcome. Whatever you aim to accomplish will be achieved more quickly and with a greater degree of efficiency when you act in an inspired way: meaning, your actions come from a place of soul inspiration and positive energy, and not your programmed thought patterns or your past circles of influence.

It’s critically important that each action you take is based in a positive mindset, and that it feels light and inspired. When your action flows from your desire and vision, it will feel easy, natural, and exciting!

To learn more about how to take inspired action toward your vision and desires, as well as the remaining Five Keys to Accelerating Wealth, click here to grab your copy of my book, The Wealth Attraction Formula: How to Attract Wealth & Manifest the Life of Your Dreams.

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