Using Social Media for Online Reputation Management

Last week’s article, Introducing Your Online Identity to the World, began this short series for managing your online reputation.  Today we will go a little bit deeper around how Social Media is a powerful tool to get your name and identity in front of potential clients.

From personal attraction to wealth attraction, there are many ways the Law of Attraction applies. If you’re open to allowing the Universe to help you, it will always be on your side. One way to boost the Universe even closer in your favor is using social media to foster engagement and build relationships with potential clients and customers.


Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube offer an opportunity to start a two-way conversation and engage current and potential clients.  Actively sharing information that serves your audience on a regular basis will have them watching your social media pages for more nuggets of your wisdom and expertise. Relationships and trust is established when they are able to interact ‘personally’ with you via social media.  And trust equals loyalty to your brand and offerings.

  • Facebook – The most widely used social media platform, this is where you can easily establish a presence. With more than a billion users, there is a captive audience waiting to meet you.  
  • Twitter – Recent updates to the Twitter platform now gives the ability to write more informative tweets and share image and video media to catch the attention of your audience. Clever and concise information sharing is the most effective means of communication here, with a strong focus on benefits.
  • LinkedIn – For professionals and by professionals, Business-to-business information sharing is LinkedIn’s niche. Keep in mind that, among managers and CEO’s, video is the preferred method of information gathering, so maximize your LinkedIn engagement by using video to share your expertise with them.
  • YouTube – There has been a recent evolution of the YouTube platform that makes it so much more than just a video site. The ability to interact and build relationships with your audience is now a big part of the YouTube experience.

Engage your audience through conversation

**NOTE:  As clearly noted in the name, these platforms are “social” media sites.  In order to be successful, you must actually be social.  Avoid using social media platforms solely for business marketing, self-promotion and sales.  You need to bring in the personal element of ‘connecting’ with your audience on levels outside of ‘making the sale.’ You’ll be surprised how they respond when you keep that in mind and take the time to engage with them in a person to person manner.

How are you using social media as part of your online reputation management strategy?  Do you have a favorite platform you like for engaging with your audience?

What benefits have you seen from creating an online identity and reputation?

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