Enhancing Online Reputation Using Online Events

We previously discussed the steps to be seen as industry savvy and help you attract attention over your competition.  Those five steps included:

In that post, I explained what a mistake it would be to solely rely on the Law of Attraction and a generous human nature to have a more prominent reputation, expand your business, and attract wealth.  You have to do more!  Using online events; such as webinars, teleseminars, and podcasts; is one of the greatest methods to increase the public approval rating of your followers.


We’ve all become aware of how impersonal the internet is.  With the limited amount of relational communication and a ton of self-described “connoisseurs” hoping to grab the same audience that you are targeting, a great way to invest in your audience so they can get to know you both personally and professionally is through utilizing the online events that we mentioned.

“Virtual events” would be an exceptional profit, especially since you can attract a large amount of people for very minimal dollars.  The cost alone of not having to reserve a local venue is a great savings.  It can benefit your organization as well as your admirers.  And best of all, you can immediately see a compelling return on investment (ROI).

Virtual events will help expand the opportunity to gain new clients and tend to pique the interest of others who may be interested in your the services and products.  Enhanced reputation and expert status happens quickly.

The most popular and powerful ways to use online events:

  • Webinars – a group discussion held over the internet. One of the greatest benefits is little to no cost! Your followers will finally have the opportunity to actually see you (and hear you) in action and interact with you.  Your audience and prospective clients can get a glimpse of what it would be like to work hand in hand with you – which makes this a highly valuable client attraction tool.
  • Teleseminars – used to provide information, training, etc. and is conducted by telephone. Clients have the ability to access materials that they may not have the opportunity to find locally. Travel is eliminated, so a great benefit – much like the webinar – is the cost savings.  Additionally, it becomes a more intimate level of interacting with your followers.
  • Virtual Summits – Quickly becoming an online favorite because this “virtual summit” brings together a vast amount of experts in one place to talk about specific topics that interest your target audience. Gathering such a panel of well-known experts together in one setting will quickly give you the advantage of having the respectability as the “Host with the Most”.  That alone will upgrade your reputation to be associated among such professionals.  You will also have the opportunity to offer your own expertise and solutions to the burning questions of your audience – imagine how much this virtual summit can build trust and loyalty.  The organization of the summit may take a lot out of you – it can be time consuming and cause a bit of stress – but what you can gain from this event is far more beneficial than what you may spend in time, energy and effort.  This may be the best online event option to consider.

Know the Results You’re Looking For

What results are you hoping for – having less stress and an easier task (hosting webinars, teleseminars, and podcasts) or showing the greatest ROI (virtual summits)?  Online summits are the way to go.  Because they are more time consuming to organize, online summits are usually only offered once a year.  The other events are able to be planned more frequently.

Have you started utilizing online events to enhance your online reputation?  Which ones impressed you the most and yielded the greatest results?  Are there any that you’ve used that I didn’t mention?  Share some of the benefits that you may have discovered from adopting online events as a strategy for client attraction.

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