Happiness and Success: Which is the Chicken and Which is the Egg?

For many of us, our idea of hard work, success, and happiness live together. We have memories of our parents saying that if we work hard and become successful, we will be happy. In fact, the relationship between happiness and success has become so ingrained that, even to imagine an alternative seems ridiculous.

But, what if this type of thinking is wrong, and our parents have the chicken before the egg?
What if we could challenge the old concept and begin with happiness as the key ingredient to our success?

Psychologists around the world are working on groundbreaking studies into the relationship between happiness and success. Their studies look at how happiness and success promote and enhance each other. In the field of positive psychology, there is a great deal of research to suggest that being happy will lead to greater success. However, becoming successful in a specific area of life will only cause you to seek additional success as a substitute for genuine happiness.

Happiness and SuccessThe Happiness and Success Dichotomy

Consider this scenario. You’ve graduated high school at the top of your class and have been accepted into a Top 10 University for higher education. Soon, you complete your bachelor’s degree, and you enter into a Master’s program. Within a few years, you’re working on your Ph.D. Then, finally, you head out into the world to make your mark and begin working on “success!” Your career begins, you climb that corporate ladder quickly by setting and reaching your professional goals. Eventually, you marry and start a family, even as your reputation and earnings continue to grow.

By any standard, you’ve become successful. Yes.  But have you found happiness?
You’ve set multiple goals along the way and reached all of them. Great. But did doing so lead to happiness?
Do you continually feel like you must achieve the next goal, and the next one and the next one to find a sense of satisfaction?

Clearly, in this scenario, your achievements of success are not bringing happiness.

Many of us share in your frustration.

Wealth Attraction FormulaWithin my experience of wealth creation, I have found that if you begin any journey from a place of contentment, money is not the ultimate prize.  The happiness and peace serve as your foundation for reaching goals and overcoming challenges. Thereby, your foundation supports you towards successful outcomes. Because this is pretty intense stuff and, since it goes against hundreds of years of teaching and learning, change does not come with overnight thinking. For now, it’s enough for you to get started thinking in a new way about happiness and success, and which of them is the chicken or the egg.

If this blog resonates with you, I will encourage you to get a copy of my book “The Wealth Attraction Formula.” It’s an easy read with ideas that will make you rethink “the norms” of success and achievement. More importantly, it will begin to reshape your mind and create cracks in old notions of wealth creation. I look forward to walking on this journey with you.



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