The Importance of Mentors


When you’re embarking upon a new adventure, it is of the utmost importance for you to find individuals who have experience doing what you want to do – mentors that can demonstrate exactly what needs to be done for success and attaining greater wealth attraction.

Having a mentor is one of the absolute greatest ways to be able to see and hear others’ experiences as an entrepreneur, small business owner, or real estate investor. Who better to advocate and provide advice and leadership; while also being able to understand exactly what pitfalls to avoid? A mentor will be able to completely understand the type of accomplishments that you want to obtain.

The ideal mentor can:

  • Lay the foundation for a rewarding path to success
  • Provide guidance on how to stay focused on your journey
  • Give you a heads up about common misconceptions
  • Contribute words of wisdom on the best way to achieve your end results
  • Keep you grounded through contributing actual life occurrences

One of the most beneficial ways and means to create wealth attraction would be to connect yourself with a wise, well-informed mentor. That connection alone will be able to provide you with an increased fearlessness and assurance in your corporate ventures. Who better to lead you through unchartered territory than someone who has gained first-hand knowledge in your industry? This mentor will give you the advantage of being connected to more than just an adviser, more than someone who has only heard about what you’re experiencing; but you will have a wealth of knowledge from a person who has literally walked in your shoes!


As we mentioned earlier, a mentor is more valuable than attending training or sitting under advisers. An adviser only tells you what they think you should do. This person has literally walked in your shoes and can provide guidance from their genuine experiences.

When you attach yourself to a reputable mentor, who periodically checks in with you and brainstorms with you; the payoff is much greater than learning materials from an instructor. This is the best way to arrive your objectives –  financial, personal, and business goals. This puts you on the path to improving your wealth attraction.

An important thing to remember when finding investment mentors is to be realistic. If it sounds too good to be true, then most times it is. Resist the urge to gravitate towards those that boast on their amazing abilities or make huge, unrealistic declarations. Most times their claims are far reaching and inconsequential to modern vested interests.

Another thing to keep in mind, when specifically negotiating real estate investments, is that your mentor needs to be someone who is currently operating in present-day investments. I am an active investor and I will take many factors into consideration that weren’t relevant 10 years ago – things such as analyzing where we are in the current real estate cycle, where we are in the world, etc. These factors are key to making the decisions on what specific approach to take to maximize my wealth potential.

Would you like to share any experiences that you’ve had working with a mentor? Are there any more recommendations on how to discover the perfect mentor? I would love to hear about them in the comments section below.

I am an active investor and would be happy to share my experiences through mentorship, contact me today to discuss further.

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