Wealthy People Have Multiple Streams of Income

I always say that the easiest way to become wealthy is to do what rich people do. And, it’s simple. Rich people don’t stay in a job for many decades. They don’t get buried in their business. Rather, they invest in themselves and education which ultimately leads them to success.

Traditional Schooling Doesn’t Teach About Passive Income

Most students in public schools today do not gain the financial education they need to be successful. In fact, many people who want to be investors do not have the know-how to be successful.  But, wealthy people take the time to invest in themselves first. They learn to invest in education specifically in real estate, business, stock, and commodities so that their decisions can create multiple streams of income.

What kind of education do you need?

I believe investors should have adequate education in four categories:

  1. Real Estate
    Investing in real estate goes beyond buying a home. It involves rental properties that provide passive income every month.
  2. Business
    When having a business, the goal is to be a visionary. Learn the business, do the business, and then setup processes and systems to ultimately duplicate yourself. That way, you are not stuck in the day-to-day operation, but rather, the business becomes a tool to provide for you.
  3. Stocks
    Paper assets include stocks, bonds, savings, annuities, insurance and mutual funds. These are easy to buy and easy to manage. They are also liquid, thereby allowing you to get out of them fairly easily if necessary.
  4. Commodities
    Commodities include things like gold, silver, platinum, oil, and gas. I like these as a good way to hedge against inflation.

multiple streams of income

Real Estate For Multiple Streams of Income

Most inexperienced investors invest in real estate education first. They may try to learn as much as they can about a real estate market to make a “better guess” as to which kind of property to purchase. However, without the experience of a seasoned investor and coach, mistakes can be very costly. That’s why real estate investing education is most successful when you add a mentor. A mentor will guide your decisions and help you begin creating multiple streams of income more quickly than doing it alone.

Ann Sanfelippo

Is NOW The Right Time For You?

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Don’t dream your life – Live your dream!
~Ann Sanfelippo

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