Summer – Time to begin taking action

take action

As this season provides opportunities to reflect, I want you to think about YOUR EVERYDAY DECISIONS.

  • What kind of thoughts are you thinking?
  • What kind of choices are you making?
  • Are you taking action?

If not, let’s try to identify what could be hindering your ability to attract wealth. Every decision we make is based on some kind of declaration we have made to ourselves. Thus, we have agreed with the logic or emotion of the thought and therefore, we create an alliance with it.

You Are What You Think

You may have had an experience where a teacher or parent or friend implied you’re not good enough to have more success than them. If you agreed with that statement, you may be feeling guilty for wanting more financial success. In other cases, someone may have said “money doesn’t grow on trees” or “you only get success with hard work”.  These small agreements, with those kinds of thoughts, are known to create fears, laziness, bad habits, and apathy. Therefore, the way you think is just as important as what you do.

Decisions Dictate Actions

More importantly, our daily decisions dictate our actions. Once you have conquered the fears, bad habits, and thought processes, you can now begin to take action that aligns with your goals. To create a life of success, you don’t always have to work the hardest. There are many people who work a job for tireless hours each week who aren’t able to save much at the end of the month. It’s not always about tireless work. However, it is about SMART work. We don’t get the financial education from traditional schooling. We are never taught how to attract wealth. But, at the Wealth Attraction Academy, that’s exactly our objective. Each action you take should be aligned with your professional and personal goals so that it can create the financial success you want.

Taking Action With a Coach

Ann Sanfelippo - Wealth Attraction Academy

Wealth Attraction Coach –
Ann Sanfelippo

I’m going to be honest here. Everyone wants to create a life with financial success, but many are not willing to do what it takes to achieve it. You’ll spend a lot of time creating excuses and reasons why you haven’t taken that action step.

Taking action can be difficult if you’re doing it alone!

But, as your coach, I want to help push you through those struggles and pull you through any fears. With your thoughts and actions working together, there’s no stopping what you can do!

So, are you ready to start attracting wealth into your life? If yes, NOW is the time to take the first action step.




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