Getting Back To Basics Of Investing

Are you feeling stuck? Are you struggling to see the success you were hoping for when you became an investor? Today, allow me to encourage you go back to basics and look back at “why” you chose to become an investor.

Evaluate The Basics Of Investing

When you go back to the basics of investing, you can more easily review what you have done and change what you need to fix. Usually, when we are feeling stuck or can’t move forward, it’s because we did something different along the path. We deviated from our initial strategy and those actions may have taken us “off-course.”

  1. Are you paying yourself first? When you are building wealth, paying yourself first is a top priority. It requires discipline and consistency. The income-producing assets you are purchasing have a long-lasting impact on your success. Remember, the rich put their money towards things that produce income before paying bills or buying fun things.
  2. Have you got a plan with phases or stages? Building wealth requires a system which includes phases. Right now, you might be stuck in “small deals” which could be causing your frustrations. Being able to identify when to strike that “big deal” will move you to the next level of investing. So, go back to your plan and determine how many small deals and big deals are part of your long-term investing strategy.
  3.  Is your focus only on money? As an investor, time is your most valuable asset. It’s the element that allows you to do what you want when you want to, and with whom you want to do it. It’s the reason you got into investing: financial freedom. So, if you were to look at your finances, how long could you survive without working? If your income producing assets are, indeed, generating revenue for you, they are working on your behalf. Therefore, take a look at your financials and determine what is working to make you money & what is stealing your time. Make the adjustments & measure your wealth in time.

Become Invigorated and Inspired Again

Rather than spinning your wheels, I want you to take a serious look at your investments. Determine what is making an impact towards your financial freedom goals. If you see something that is no longer in line, make the changes you need. As soon as you realign yourself with the reasons you began investing, you will become reinvigorated, inspired and deliberately focused on attracting wealth to you.


Wealth Attraction Academy Coach – Ann Sanfelippo

If you’re ready to take your investing to the next level, perhaps it’s time to take on a real estate coach. Because of my 25 years of experience in real estate investing, I’m able to help you navigate the pitfalls of being an investor and guide you even greater success. Going back to the basics of investing is only the beginning. I’ll hold you accountable and encourage you through your fears. Sometimes, it’s just reassuring to have an expert in your corner. Whatever the reason, a coach can help you build your financial future faster than going it alone. Sign up for 1:1 coaching now & let’s determine if real estate coaching is just what you need. 





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