We believe in a world of abundance for all.

We believe that when you are in alignment with your deepest desires, your life will have meaning at its truest level. When you are in alignment, you have unlimited power to manifest your desires of more wealth, better health, and happiness.

We believe everything begins with energy; and every moment of every day, whether you are conscious of it or not, you are sending out energetic vibrations – such as joy and love, or fear and anger. The energy we put out is always, no matter what, returned to us. You cannot fool The Universe. You don’t have to believe it, it’s Universal Law, and that law guides how we fulfill our lives and our dreams. Like attracts like. You don’t draw in what you want – you attract who you are. Change your energy and you change your entire experience of the world. Change your intention and change your path.

We believe that you create your reality; and that you already possess the power within yourself to manifest your destiny! By shifting to a higher vibration, you can respond to events in your life instead of reacting to them – placing you as the cause, instead of the effect – of your life.

Wealth Attraction™ Academy uses a unique formula and process to help you create higher levels of energy in both the moment and long term. You develop a life philosophy or “way of being” that creates a powerful state of awareness and a positive attitude which will set the stage for accomplishing exponentially greater results in your life while expending less effort.

Wealth Attraction™ Academy is a company dedicated to providing the knowledge, tools, and resources needed to manifest abundance in your life with more wealth, better health, and greater happiness.

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about annAbout ANN SANFELIPPO
Creator of the Wealth Attraction™ Academy
Master Success Strategist
#1 International Best Selling Author
World Class Keynote Speaker

Growing up in a small town in the Midwest with humble beginnings, there weren’t too many conversations around our dinner table about creating wealth and living a life of abundance. What I heard was, go to school and get good grades so you can get a good job and you’ll have a good life.

It wasn’t until my marriage of 10 years had ended that my perception of life changed. I had always been an avid learner – intrigued by learning and growing to be the best version of me. After my divorce, I had to act on the knowledge I had been studying to truly become the best version of myself. I decided to do a complete transformation – a fresh start with a new beginning.

So, I moved across the country and chose a new career that was outside the box for my family. I decided to become a real estate investor. I worked the business and amassed a substantial real estate portfolio quickly. The income from my real estate provided me with financial security and extra money to invest in other businesses; which added to my income. As a single woman, I created multiple streams of income – diversified between several asset classes and had a 7-figure income.

Most people would think that with these accomplishments my life would be great, but it was at this point when I realized my life was actually out of control. My life had become all work – no play. I was involved in a long-term, toxic relationship that had me feeling stuck. And, my weight had crept to an all-time high. It was at this point in my life that I had to redefine “wealth”.

Now, I see wealth as more than money, fancy cars, and big houses – more importantly, it’s about having life balance. I took a step back and reassessed my situation. I ended my toxic relationship and committed to becoming whole once again. I concentrated on self-care, reminding myself that I am my greatest asset. I hired a personal trainer and began to lose my extra weight, eventually becoming fit and toned once again.

After making these energetic shifts in my life, I now work less and make more money; my body fat transformed to muscle with ease after ending the toxic relationship, and I find myself at peace, and the happiest I have been in years.

I believe every individual can have better than they are currently accepting as their status quo in life, even if they are already experiencing a taste of success. My passion is to help you fulfill your destiny; your life’s purpose. Your purpose is fueled by your desires, and the highest desire you can have is to grow and evolve – I will simply help facilitate your evolution.

The desires, wishes, hopes, dreams, and aspirations you have every day is what turns the present into the future, creating new things along the way. Life is an adventure – enjoy the journey!

The Wealth Attraction™ Academy was birthed from over 25 years of effort I put into studying the philosophies of, or training for, the most powerful influencers in the world, both from the past and present. What these incredible mentors shared propelled me to outstanding success. I’ve been able to streamline years of information down to the very best practices to create the Wealth Attraction™ Formula – a simple-to-follow recipe for success in life!

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