Topic: Improve Communication

A Leader Transition

An influential leader is created rather than born. The common misconception that  a personality consistent with boldness and control is what makes a great leader has kept many qualified men and women from transitioning into a leadership position.  We have leaders occupying roles where inflated egos, pride and heavy handedness are the benchmarks of their leadership style.  However, statistics show that people who feel most secure in their positions are led by leaders who display humility and appreciation for the overall team.

True leadership is displayed when confidence in their team’s abilities is as strong as, or stronger, than their own ability. 

Social media has been a key factor in skewing the meaning of leadership.  Social media standards say leadership is defined by […]

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The Key to Better Communication

We’ve all heard the communication buzzwords by now: “active listening”, “healthy resolution”, “paradigm shift”, “strategic communication”, and many more. While these may grab the attention of some, they don’t speak to the basic requirement for adult communication in our modern, high-tech world. For me, the key to better communication is respect; which means, respecting the other person enough to listen to what they have to say, and recognizing it as worthwhile.

Here’s another tried and true – and overused – communication dictum: “Open, honest communication should be part of every healthy relationship.” While this statement is so obviously true it should never need to be said, it presupposes that the parties involved respect each other enough to care what is being […]

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