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Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs

What are the most important characteristics of successful entrepreneurs: Is it the ability to create a “vision of success”? Is it the desire to “do something special”? Is it the need to do it all yourself and “go it alone”?

While the first two are important positive characteristics, the third is the most frequent mistake made by emerging entrepreneurs; that is, thinking they must do it all – to be all things to all people, all the time. After all, few of us possess the knowledge, training, and experience to do everything required to run a business and, with this in mind, the successful entrepreneur knows that building a support system is critical to long-term success.

Building a Team to Support You

This […]

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Goal Setting Ain’t Like Grocery Shopping

As we reach the end of the first month of 2017, the realization that 4 of 5 New Year’s resolutions have already been abandoned makes this a good time to look at goal setting, a theme we’ll undoubtedly visit regularly.

First, it must be said, there are some people for whom setting goals is a waste of time. These folks are simply happier using a “fly by the seat of the pants” approach, responding to the needs of the moment spontaneously and with little planning. That said, the folks who are successful doing this are in the minority and, if you’ve used such an approach in the past without success, it’s time to realize you’re not one of them; meaning – […]

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How Limiting Beliefs About Wealth are Affecting Your Health & Happiness

Health and happiness are about far more than simply eating better and dumping toxic relationships. In fact, far too many people do not believe themselves worthy of either, or both, often because of the way they were raised and the belief system they’ve grown to accept – about the world they live in and about themselves. After all, being wealthy is about so much more than simply acquiring money; it’s about balance in all areas of your life.

When the beliefs that you hold dearest affect you negatively, they are called “limiting beliefs”, since they limit your ability to move forward, toward goals that you also value. This can create a great deal of internal conflict and stress, since such negative […]

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A Practical View of The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction can be thought of in many ways: as a Universal law that is as rigid as the law of gravity or as a more fluid, more human type of thing; more of an influencer than an actual law. However you may interpret the effects of the Law of Attraction in your life, know this: it is real and, in it, you can find the power to help you make a better life.

The simplest way to understand the Law of Attraction is also the most common explanation – “like attracts like.” This is the belief that, when you surround yourself with positivity, good things happen and, when you surround yourself with negativity, the opposite will influence your […]

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5 Limiting Beliefs About Money That Are Holding You Back

Your relationship to money, how you feel and think about it, will go a long way toward determining your level of financial success. In other words, your mindset about money will actively create your own financial reality.

When your thoughts and feelings about money are disempowering, we refer to them as limiting beliefs.

Beliefs are often implanted when we’re young, and reinforced with age, so overcoming them is difficult, at best. The role models you had as a child have shaped your perception about relationships, careers, and even money.

Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

The first step you will need to take to overcome limiting beliefs about money is to identify them, and then you will need to replace them with positive, empowering beliefs.

“Money is the root […]

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Wealth Attraction Steps – Public Speaking

In a previous post, titled Work Smarter, Not Harder to Build Your Online Identity, we outlined five steps you should take to be seen as an expert in your industry; online reputation management strategies that will help you to stand out from your competition. These included the use of social media, writing a book, blogging, online interaction such as webinars and teleseminars, and public speaking.

As I mentioned in that post, relying solely on the Law of Attraction and a benevolent Universe to build your reputation, grow your business, and for wealth attraction is a losing proposition. You need to help. One of the best ways to enhance your reputation as an expert in your niche is through public speaking […]

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Tips for Entrepreneurs – How to Create Passive Income

Passive income is your key to financial freedom. Passive income is the money left over after you consider all monies in the business, minus all monies out received on a regular basis, with very little effort required to maintain it. Consider if you were to become ill or were physically unable to work, passive income is what you could rely on.

Thanks to online marketing and the ability for an entrepreneur’s business to be seen everywhere because of the internet, entrepreneurs have embraced the idea of creating passive income streams with enthusiasm and creativity. Although millions of people have tried to create fruitful passive-income streams, only to be surprised by the amount of work, cash or time involved, learning how to […]

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