Discover what others are saying about Wealth Attraction Coach Ann Sanfelippo and her formula for success, in these Testimonials and Praise for Ann.

Ann’s 3-day Real Estate training, not only provided the educational structure I sought, but started me on a mental, spiritual and emotional journey of self, which I’d forgotten.  I’d been following stigma, not truth. It was during this training with Ann, that I realized nothing was missing – but that I was living surface, not depth, which is where truth lives.  

Thank you Ann (truly), for telling your story. 

Tabra Chrisenbery

thoroughly enjoyed Ann’s 3-day seminar.  During it, I realized that I needed to make a change now to have control of my future.  Every day, as I change my beliefs, about success, money and investing I feel more in charge of my future.  I have felt powerless for so long – now I feel more empowered than ever.  I am so excited to have our money working for us to build a bright future.

Chery O.

I’ll start with a big thank you Ann! I really enjoyed your 3day training, and your message got me even more excited about the future opportunities and changes for me and my family.  I had a successful career, although as time went on I became more and more unhappy and unsatisfied with work.  I had felt trapped in my career, having started a family when I was pretty young and I didn’t see another way to provide them with the life we had become accustomed to, but by spending those 3days with you I knew something had to change.  I’m looking forward to working and learning more from you.

Kevin T.

We are so excited to get started on our journey with you. At your 3day training, you opened our minds to a whole new way of thinking. We were able to picture ourselves living a life we never thought was possible. We appreciate your insight, time and effort! We are so excited to get to work with you. 

Tysen & Savannah Cheshire

Ann’s 3day training was incredibly inspiring and struck all the right chords with us. We both have had a little extra pep in our steps since, so thank you for opening our eyes!  

For a long time, we have felt a void in our lives; like we always had a greater purpose that was overshadowed by the next house project or the next milestone in life. We would often use the excuse of “we could do that…. but we have two kids.”  We feel like we have finally found something that we can pursue together and truly excel at. 

Greg & Brooke Giroux

Before meeting Ann we were frustrated about exactly how to effectively build our wealth and retirement portfolio.  Ann opened us up to ideas and stimulated us to consider new ways of investing our capital to create passive income, both long and short term.  Our lives have been so enriched by not only Ann’s sharing of wealth knowledge but her passion to help others and her support as we travel this new journey of life changing experiences.  We could not recommend her more highly and we hope to be a part of any endeavor she is a part of, as her keenness for profitable business is so sharp.

Ken & Julie Cowan

The very reason we got involved in Real Estate investing was because of Ann.  We took her training back in 2014 and haven’t looked back since.  From the very first day we could see that Ann was not only knowledgeable and experienced in real estate investing, she was passionate about helping others to succeed. On more than one occasion we spent one-on-one time with Ann.  We were scared, not only because of our lack of knowledge, but because it was a MAJOR shift in what we were taught by our parents growing up.  You know, go to school, get a job, save your money, pay off your debt, retire and live off your savings.  Ann took the time with us and literally showed us the light.  We not only saw the light on how to invest properly, but we got to see the light that shines brightly in her heart.  She is someone very special to us now because, if it wasn’t for Ann, we would still be in the dark, trying to figure out how to get out of the rat race.  Today we are living the dream and we are grateful to Ann for getting us started on this awesome path.

Ralph & Tess O'Brien

I was immediately drawn to Ann from the time I met her at a high level mastermind we were both members of a few years ago.  Ann has a quiet and elegant charisma about her and her authenticity of walking her talk made me want to learn from her about business, money, and the lifestyle that I always dreamt of having.  After the strategy sessions with Ann, I was able to achieve my first ever $42,000 day in my business!  I am so thrilled and definitely want to continue learning from Ann.  Not only is Ann brilliant in her business, my husband and I are both an absolute fan of hers because of her charming personality!

Irene Tomoe Cooper

Ann and I have been working together for a few years and I’m beyond grateful to her on so many levels. She’s a generous teacher and brilliant mentor. Ann has helped me successfully navigate through a few major money transactions in the last year with ease and grace – I don’t think I could have done without her guidance and help!

Ann’s knowledge about money and how to build successful businesses and invest in real estate to build wealth and financial freedom is extraordinary, and the way she teaches the art of wealth attraction is succinct, in alignment with Universal Law, and easy enough for a novice to understand.

So, if your desire is to build true wealth and create financial freedom, you’ve come to the right place, look no further!

Lisa Marie Rosati

“It was not by accident”, as Ann would put it, that I found myself sitting in Ann’s training!  The amount of knowledge and leadership Ann exuded, resonated with me so greatly that I knew I was in the right place at the right time.  Having recently graduated from college with a BA, I still felt like something was missing.  At the training, Ann spoke to my heart.  I now feel empowered to become whomever it is that I aspire to be and live the life I choose to live – without limitation! I know now that my life’s purpose is to become an entrepreneur, and eventually be able to give back to others in the same way Ann has.  I truly have never been more excited about learning and feel incredibly blessed to have met Ann!

Cortney Verlander

Before working with Ann I was only focused on being the best employee I could be. I bought into the idea that a good education would result in a good job, good pay, and a good retirement. I’ve learned that this model no longer works for my generation. I realized that I spent all my career being a great employee and trusted in the company 401K to take care of my retirement. Ann showed me that my trust was not only misplaced but that I needed to take ownership of my financial future. I was inspired by Ann financial success. She showed me the benefits of redirecting my 401K and future investments into real estate. Less than one year later I own 10 income producing properties which nets my retirement fund over $5K per month and my net worth has increased approximately $200K.

I’m grateful to Ann for helping me overcome my doubts about real estate and helping me out of the stock market based investments. Because of her I am on a path towards becoming wealthy beyond my dreams.  The best part for me is that I’m still enthusiastic with my career and I can now put retirement worries behind me.

Dr. Larry J. Earnest