Wealth Attraction Coaching:

Create Wealth with Better Health & More Happiness

Our Wealth Attraction™ Expert Coaches will help you overcome the limiting beliefs blocking you from achieving more wealth, better health, and happiness in your life.

Limiting beliefs are the convictions and opinions we hold most strongly. They are deeply ingrained thoughts and feelings about the world and our place in it, which were implanted at a young age and reinforced through life experiences. When your beliefs about creating wealth are negative, you are unlikely to realize even the most basic goals.

Overcoming your limiting beliefs will provide you with the freedom to attract wealth with ease; thus empowering you to realize and live the life of your dreams.

Our Wealth Attraction ™ Coaching Programs facilitate this by helping you focus on:

  • Creating long-term solutions, not just Band-Aid fixes
  • Acquiring greater awareness into how you think, feel, and why you act
  • Improving performance and accomplishing greater results with less effort
  • Reducing stress by changing your reaction to circumstances
  • Empowering you to be the cause of your life, instead of its effect
  • Breaking through your limiting beliefs and emotional responses and replacing them with supportive, empowering beliefs that lead to powerful and consistent action
  • Setting the stage for sustainable change

Attracting wealth is simple, but not necessarily easy. It’s easy to see where others are making choices that will result in undesirable outcomes for their lives, but not so easy to see it in your own life. That’s why it’s imperative to work with a professionally-trained coach. Our expert coaches have dedicated themselves to a mastery level, to be the leaders in the industry of coaching.

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Private Business Consulting with Ann

Ann helps busy professional, small business owners and entrepreneurs set themselves apart from their competition so that you can attract a higher quality client, increase sales, and secure sustainable wealth for yourself, your family and your future, while maintaining work/life balance. Ann only accepts a limited number of private clients.

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Risk Assessment

This Assessment is the ONLY tool available that immediately evaluates your current potential for success and offers immediate solutions to shift your performance and results to a higher level.

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World Class Keynote Speaker

Ann Sanfelippo has been a high-demand, world-class keynote speaker for over a decade. She has spoken on over 500 stages and has built a reputation for speaking to the needs of busy professionals, entrepreneurs, and small business owners who desire to attract wealth by moving beyond the traditional “exchanging hours for dollars” model of generating income.

Her new book, Wealth Attraction Formula, is fast becoming the “go-to” book for anyone looking to stand out from their competition, increase sales, and diversify their income streams to create more wealth, better health, and happiness in their lives.

Ann’s goal as a keynote speaker for your group or organization is to bring an irresistible energy and authentic presence to the talks she gives, encouraging and empowering her audiences to begin the transformational process for attracting wealth by implementing the Wealth Attraction™ techniques she teaches.

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Best Selling Author

“The Wealth Attraction Formula”
How to Attract Wealth and Manifest the Life of Your Dreams

In today’s world, there is so much competition out there in the marketplace.  It’s very important for potential investors like yourself to stay ahead of that competition. Staying ahead can only be achieved by having the right knowledge and information. My book was created from my first-hand experiences and lessons learned during my personal journey. It will show you how to begin the journey to accumulate wealth, health and happiness.  My book is available on Amazon & on kindle.

“The Wealth Attraction Formula” covers:

  • Mindset.
  • Five Keys to Accelerating Wealth.
  • Your Desire. Your Vision.
  • You Expert Status.
  • Actions.
  • Wealth Attraction Marketing.
  • Accountability.