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The Art of Giving and Receiving

The holiday season brings with it merry cheer and the one custom that is shared across many religious and cultural traditions…giving. We often hear the phrase “it is more blessed to give than to receive” quoted during this season. It is in this phrase that many find their sense of happiness and purpose.

Research done by social psychologist Liz Dunn and her colleagues shows that people’s sense of happiness is greater when they spend relatively more on others than on themselves. The survey was conducted with over 600 US citizens and of various income levels.

The most interesting fact from the research was that even those with little money reported greater happiness when their giving surpassed their receiving.


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Living In Sync With Your Values

In my book, The Wealth Attraction Formula: How to Attract Wealth & Manifest the Life of Your Dreams, I discuss the Five Keys to Attracting Wealth.  Once you realize if you’re living in sync with your core values, you will be closer to taking positive steps towards achieving your goals; a way of thinking and feeling that inspires action, which creates results and impacts your values.

Your fulfillment in life is directly related to how well you are living in sync with your values.  

Think about values for a moment. Values aren’t morals or principles. They’re the essence of who you really are, not who you think you should be.  Often times we confuse money with being a […]

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Take Charge of Your Life

In my book, The Wealth Attraction Formula: How to Attract Wealth & Manifest the Life of Your Dreams, I discuss the Five Keys to Attracting Wealth. Once you discover that mindset is the most important component in creating wealth (Chapter 1), the challenge becomes how to re-take charge of you and your life decisions.

10 Ways to Take Charge of Your Life

Frequently we forget about ourselves and what we want to do with our life as we spend so much time taking care of other people.  Now is the time for you to take back your life. Here are 10 steps you can follow in taking charge of your life again.

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A Leader Transition

An influential leader is created rather than born. The common misconception that  a personality consistent with boldness and control is what makes a great leader has kept many qualified men and women from transitioning into a leadership position.  We have leaders occupying roles where inflated egos, pride and heavy handedness are the benchmarks of their leadership style.  However, statistics show that people who feel most secure in their positions are led by leaders who display humility and appreciation for the overall team.

True leadership is displayed when confidence in their team’s abilities is as strong as, or stronger, than their own ability. 

Social media has been a key factor in skewing the meaning of leadership.  Social media standards say leadership is defined by […]

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Is Your Mindset Right?

After my marriage came to an end, I had a BIG decision to make.

I could either be a victim of my circumstance or I could make the decision to RISE above and fix my mindset on success. My perception of life changed.  I moved across the country and decided to put the knowledge I had gained in previous years to work.  Income started pouring in from various streams but even so, my life felt completely out of control.


Thought power became the key to creating my reality. I became the master of my destiny […]

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Breaking the Myth: All Debt is Bad.

All debt, whether good debt or bad debt, has the same outcome. You receive now but you give back in the future. The only significant difference is that one debt works for you instead of against you. Is your wealth mentality itching to know the difference?

Good debt is anything that increases your net worth or has some future value.

Good debt enables you to anchor your assets, manage your finances and increase your value. Certain examples of beneficial debt are mortgages, student loans or a loan to consolidate debt; all of which are usually with lower interest rates. These investments will grow in value or generate long term value – unlike bad debt.

Bad debt is debt incurred on purchases […]

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Say Goodbye to Your Money Struggles

Every day you are faced with thousands of choices. They may be as trivial as what to eat for breakfast or as monumental as what career path to take. Regardless of the type of choice, your choices create your reality.   No choice is without consequence.

It’s when we finally realize that each choice bears a consequence that we can finally break free of our money struggles.

Life isn’t that difficult.  We make it difficult. We have the power to change our current circumstances every minute of every day. When the pain of staying the same outweighs the pain of change – we decide to get out of our comfort zone and try something new.

Your First Step to Stop Struggling

Your first step […]

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How do you view real wealth?

It’s easy to think that once you become a millionaire, you’re set. All your financial woes go away, and you have “made it.” However, this kind of mindset is dangerous because real wealth is not measured by how much you have, but rather how long you can last on what you have.

Are you looking at your saved money as real wealth?

When people think about “lasting on the money I have,” they immediately want to save more and put more money in the bank. Over years of traditional thinking, most employees would think this way. However, sooner or later, the inevitable will happen. The money you have in the bank will run out. To the financially educated, they are looking at 1) […]

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Stop Standing in Your Own Way

People have many excuses for why they never pursue their dreams.

They will blame everything from their employers, to their children and their lack of time.

But the reality of it is that the only thing holding you back from accomplishing your goals or success as an investor is…YOU!

Maybe it comes from a root of laziness or cynicism? Or maybe your dreaded frenemy, fear. Fear can be broken down into many categories such as fear of failure, fear of disappointment or the most popular…fear of rejection.  

These self-limiting characteristics will keep you from accomplishing your dreams. Regardless of what you’ve been told, YOU are your own worst enemy. Not your time, not your obligations…YOU! And unless you take the bold […]

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Getting Back To Basics Of Investing

Are you feeling stuck? Are you struggling to see the success you were hoping for when you became an investor? Today, allow me to encourage you go back to basics and look back at “why” you chose to become an investor.

Evaluate The Basics Of Investing

When you go back to the basics of investing, you can more easily review what you have done and change what you need to fix. Usually, when we are feeling stuck or can’t move forward, it’s because we did something different along the path. We deviated from our initial strategy and those actions may have taken us “off-course.”

Are you paying yourself first? When you are building wealth, paying yourself first is a top priority. […]

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